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Unique Offers

Rewards Hunter
  • Under the bonuses Ibotta mentions that you must purchase "unique offers" to receive bonus. Is there a list of these "unique offers" or do you just need to be lucky by purchasing unknown items?
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Re: Unique Offers

Super Saver


Good question.

When the bonus states "unique" , two or more different eligible offers must be redeemed.

When the bonus states "any of these" , regardless of the number of different eligible offers, the same offer could be used to complete the bonus pending it repopulating/renewing.


If there are no offers displaying, it may or not be active or not available in the area. 





Re: Unique Offers

Skilled Saver

In the case of Ibotta bonuses Unique means separate purchases.  If the bonus requires 2 unique offers you can't buy 2 on the same receipt and get credit for both on the bonus.  You need them on 2 separate receipts to count as unique offers. 

Sometimes Bonuses will specify which offers, like I had one for Mt Dew Spark that required the purchase of 2 different offers one for a 20oz bottle and one for a 12 pack of cans.  Prior to that I had one for Mt Dew that only required 2 unique purchases of a 20oz bottle and could be regular or diet or zero.