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Waking up in Vegas

Skilled Saver

Just woke up in my hotel room and checked the app.......wait for it..............$1/15! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

same as my WW (which I skipped)

and I didn’t get the July bonus everyone was talking about. 

I guess it’s ok since I won’t be home til Wednesday anyways. I’m hoping for something better on Thursday. 🤞

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Re: Waking up in Vegas

Deal Ambassador

@Welshcar my husband is taking me to Vegas in August for my birthday. I'm so excited! We are staying at the luxor, reservations for dinner at H E L L S kitchen, reservations for Zach Bagan haunted museum, and will of course do some gambling and hopefully come back millionairs. Hoping to catch a show of some sorts as well since they have started back up.

Re: Waking up in Vegas

Skilled Saver

@Donna2  Luxor is an MGM property. MGM has an app called MyVEGAS in which you play slot games. It doesn’t cost anything and you can earn gold coins to cash in for all kinds of things, including shows. I’ve seen so many Cirque de Soleil shows for free. I’ve also gone on free cruises. You obviously don’t have enough time to earn enough points for this trip but for future reference. 
I hope you have a great time. Luxor has a nice pool if you can handle the desert heat.