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Walmart pick up & delivery cash back

Rewards Hunter

I having problems getting my cash back on items I get from Walmart pick up and delivery ever since the update on the Walmart app. This has happened twice and I should of gotten over $10 cash back and haven’t received anything. What can I do? My accounts are linked and I have my card saved to. I get most of my cash back from Walmart. TIA!

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Re: Walmart pick up & delivery cash back

Skilled Saver

I am new to walmart pick up and delivery. But, so far I have had no problems. However, I only get credit when I have received the items. Sometimes, it takes a few days or week before all the items arrive and credit is given. I thought it was stated to that it could take up to 48 hours after the offers have been received. If it's been longer than that, I would put in a ticket so see why you haven't received credit.


Re: Walmart pick up & delivery cash back

Rewards Whiz

You can check if your Ibotta account is still linked to Walmart.  Go to Account, then Settings, then Linked Accounts.  If Walmart is not listed or is says Connect, then you are not linked.  If you are linked, it should say Disconnect.

If you have your Ibotta linked with your Walmart account, it should automatically send your rebates to your account.  If something (or everything) is missed, you need to open a request.  Go to Account in the App and then select Help.  Open a Request is at the top of the page.

Due to the number of requests that Ibotta Care gets, it could take several days to get a response.  Be sure to include a copy of your receipt and pictures of the products and UPCs that were missed.