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Walmart Pick up & Delivery

Rewards Hunter

Hi, I just picked up my grocery order, I clicked all my rebates and linked my account to Walmart a while ago. I've done this before and gotten my rebate back within an hour of picking up my order. Tonight, the app on my phone said I needed to link my account (already has been done) and now it's taking forever. My browser extension shows that the account has already been linked. and it's now been 2 hours since I picked up my groceries, and still nothing. My phone keeps saying that my account is still being linked, and I still haven't gotten the rebate. Has this ever happened to anyone else? 

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Re: Walmart Pick up & Delivery

Super Saver

I'm sorry that I cannot be of help to you. But as a side note, I intentionally avoid doing anything on ibotta that requires "linking my card" with the exception of PayPal for cashing out.

When I was new to ibotta I did it once. Briefly (Target). Will never do it again!

Re: Walmart Pick up & Delivery

Shopping Enthusiast

This system does have a few flaws,  I have not encountered any issues using walmart . I did have an issue where u didn't receive credit for a purchase I made at Target. I used the extension to launch the target web site selected items and picked up. I didn't bother to contact Ibotta customer service. I just took one for the team and make my purchases in person. 


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