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Re: Weekend wishbone bonus

Deal Master


Sorry it seems like the universe hates you because you aren't getting bonuses right  

I don't really buy enough things anymore to strive for the bonuses, even the 10 items for $3.  There are so many ibotta offers that you can still enjoy the awesome deals on things that align with your shopping habits or other rebates, etc.  

If nothing else, I still get to Kroger almost every day.   I try to go mid-morning to see if they have any meat markdowns, and I look thru the marked-down produce and other clearance.   When I am really needing a fix, I look thru all the aisles for closeouts.  So all of those satisfy my **bleep** for a deal.  Sometimes I do the same at WAGS. 

As frustrating as it seems, try to still get out and visit your favorite haunts to look for unexpected deals until you start getting more regular bonuses.

Hang in there. 

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Re: Weekend wishbone bonus

Deal Sharer

@Rickibotta Thank you!! I will try that bcuz it is just too dang depressing not to get to go couponing lol.