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Whats the best way to further this

Rewards Hunter
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Re: Whats the best way to further this

Rewards Whiz

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.

If you are looking to find ways to get bonuses completed before they expire, here are a few:

  • Some offers allow multiple purchases, but only one counts towards bonuses.  I buy just one.  Many bonuses come back in 24 hours and I buy it again. Be careful, sometimes the offer changes
  • Buy gift cards.  Each one counts towards the bonuses
  • Make a small online purchase at a local store.  I like Walgreens.  Ibotta credit usually is made within 24 hours and pickup is free.

Re: Whats the best way to further this


If you are looking for ways to stack deals for bigger discounts - I suggest joining whatever store(s) you frequent to get the best deals at that store. And regularly check Ibotta against their sales to see what matches up.
Oh and you can submit 2 rebates for BOGOS to lower your costs even more. 


Re: Whats the best way to further this

Deal Expert

@SaverGirl67 @Bobbo @mmoore01 

Great advice for a new ibotta user. What I do is plan my shopping trips on Tuesday and Friday mornings in an attempt to stack multiple bonuses together to the count goal for the monthly bonuses. 

My preferred stores are Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Kroger. Each of these retailers have clearance racks and I have found a lot of great deals with ibotta rebates. All but Wal-Mart has a rewards program.  I can also give Target a honorable mention which also has a reward program. 

Follow the forums for tips and figure which one works best for you and enjoy shopping and self satisfaction of being rewarded to buy items you are already using. 


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