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At this point I’m Boycotting Ibotta :!

Rewards Hunter

I have attempted to withdraw a measly 40 dollars to my PayPal and 3 other bank accounts for about a week now. ATP I’d rather chew nails and get diarrhea in the same breath.

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Re: At this point I’m Boycotting Ibotta :!

Rewards Whiz

@TBCASHBACC looks like you haven't submitted any transactions yet. Once you submit your first transaction you'll be able to withdraw 48 hours thereafter. This is an initial requirement but once a single transaction has been submitted, you won't need to do it again.

It looks like all of the credit you've earned on your account is through referrals, so I would redeem at least one offer and submit a receipt, then give it 48 hours to clear, then you can withdraw your full balance.

Hope this helps!