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Free offer please help

Rewards Hunter

Can someone answer this for me. If you make a purchase in the free offers section does it have to be from a specific store? Ie I bought 2 of the moola milks (scanned confirmed correct products) I cannot find how to submit receipt. Did they have to be purchased at Walmart? TIA

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Re: Free offer

Super Saver

Every offer available to you will list the store(s) where the offer is valid. Open the offer (and scroll down if necessary) to view the store(s) where the offer is valid.

When scanning products while shopping, I always recommend opening the "store" in the app where you are shopping before you start scanning. E.g., if you are in Walmart, open the Walmart store. That way only the offers that are available for that store will "match" when you scan.  

Once you have completed your shopping trip, you should go to the redeem button. Select the store for which you have a receipt. Follow the prompts. If your store/loyalty has been linked to ibotta, you will not have the option to submit/scan a receipt.

Re: Free offer please help

Rewards Advocate

@Msnurse133 Yes, the offers are valid at specific stores. The BOGO Mooala offer is Walmart only. See screenshot for example of what @What-Shot described above. Once you tap the offer scroll down to see to which stores it applies.

There is another Mooala offer for $1 back, valid at a few retailers.