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Ibotta Is A Sham & A Scam


I have received none of the rewards for being referee ($10) referrer ($10) or for sign-up ($5) that are promised by Ibotta if the criteria is met for said rewards, which is the case.. since you can't reach them by phone & actually speak to them, I emailed as is suggested for issues & all I've gotten in response is the same form letter (which is probably computer generated by key words in the issue stated) repeatedly with a different signature attached for each time I respond back that their "explanation" which is just stating the criteria for the offers & when they are met the money will be issued automatically, which they were & it wasn't; as I know I met the criteria of sign-up ($5) & submission of my first reciept & qualifying redemptiom from referral ($10) because the person that referred me received their $10 reward for it, & I know the person I referred met the qualifications because it was my mother so I set her account up for her using my referral code to ensure it was done correctly (as I'd already done mine from referral) & she received her $$ for sign-up & for the qualifying redemption from her Amazon order through Ibotta.. so for some reason it seems that on both sides of me the rewards are being issued but no matter which end I'm on I'm getting screwed which would lead me to believe there's a problem on their end with my account that they might be able to fix, if only they had actual people you could talk to instead of computer generated responses that just pick up on key words & send the same response over & over that doesn't address or resolve the issue.. so much for the others I was going to refer once I knew this wasn't a sham/scam with false claims & promises to get people to refer others & to get others to accept referrals & so on, because apparently it is; & as soon as I find a different rewards app that lives up to it's claims I will refer to that app all those I was going to refer to Ibotta & enlist all those I know, & can reach on social media & online & any/every where else, who use Ibotta to cancel their existing account & switch to the one I find & use.. what a bunch of BS !!

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Re: Ibotta Is A Sham & A Scam

Rewards Hunter

So I registered my wife and my mother as well. I showed them both how to download the app and use my referral code, which they have done. I watched them and yet I received 0 notifications. Not to mention they meet all the requirements as they received their referred saver rewards. What is not good is there is no real person that can help to resolve this. I instead am replying to a post similar to my issue, which still doesn't help. Please help with this. They received thiers reward which should mean I would too yet why haven't I?


Re: Ibotta Is A Sham & A Scam

Deal Master

This is a user forum made up of ibotta users like yourself.  It is not monitored by ibotta staff. 

You will need to open up a ticket.

Create a Help Desk ticket with the ibotta Care Team by visiting or by emailing

It may take 3 or 4 business days for them to get back to you.

(You may have better responses from others if you do so in a different thread.  Many seasoned users will not even respond to threads with a title similar to this.)


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Re: Ibotta Is A Sham & A Scam

Ultimate Saver

Here is a link that may help explain why you did not get your referral bonus.  If these do not help, your only recourse is to contact Ibotta Care via email.