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Walmart Pickup Not An Option

Rewards Hunter

I need help.  I was responding to a bonus to place an order for pick up or delivery.  Walnart was not in the drop down.  However, I created a account and placed an order for pickup and was hoping to link to Ibotta.  I don't see that as an option under Ibotta or on  How can I link the two accounts so that I can get my cash back for the items as well as the bonus?  Thanks for your help.

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Re: Walmart Pickup Not An Option

Rewards Whiz

My sister-in-law has the new interface where everything is together.  So, when she selects Walmart, she sees:

  • In-store Grocery Offers
  • Online Up to 6% off
  • Buy gift cards 0.5%

There is no Walmart Pickup & Delivery.

When she selects Grocery pickup & delivery from the Home page, Walmart is not listed.

How does she fix this issue?


Re: Walmart Pickup Not An Option

Deal Expert

Online purchasing of groceries with either home delivery or in-store pickup is generally a nonstarter that needs not detain me 

Maybe ONE time where it would been useful to me was last year for McCain's smiley face hash browns/tater tots. I think was Target exclusive with Ibotta, and there was a chance for a triple play McSTACKsky with Ibotta, Fetch Rewards and ShopKick. I think it was the last day for the offer from at least 2 of the apps.  Well that day I went to a regular Target and TWO Super Targets and I couldn't find it in ANY of those


Re: Walmart Pickup Not An Option

Rewards Hunter

I am having the exact same issue. 😞 Walmart Grocery Pickup does not show up as an option for me. Anyone have any luck figuring out why?