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Adding Offers

Deal Sharer

Has anyone already asked (and gotten an answer) if there could ever just be an "add all" button for offers? Or automatically have offers be active without having to go in and individually select them - especially if they are ones you redeem over and over? Just curious....

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Re: Adding Offers

Deal Master

This idea has been posted before.  I believe some of the comments had to do with advertisers wanting you to KNOW about an item, not blindly marking them all selected without really knowing which offers are available.

I select every offer for Walmart and Publix, my two main stores.  I check every day and select any new ones.  Unfortunately, not all new rebates are recorded under the New Category.  Therefore, I have to go through every category to select the offers.

In my opinion, selecting an offer should be for those items you want to purchase, basically a grocery list.  But because there is that requirement to have the offer selected first, I select them all.  I would like Ibotta to not require selecting the item first.  Then the selection can go back to a grocery list instead of a selection for getting a rebate.

The problem is you could buy something without knowing it is in Ibotta and still getting the rebate.  Great for us, but retailers and manufacturers might not like this kind of rebate.