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Bonus base on what you usually buy

Deal Sharer

Should be good if they created a bonus if you buy offer related to a specific department like

 $10 if you buy 25 beauty items 

$10 if you buy  $40 household items

And have like a longer expiration date

What do you think?



2 Replies

Re: Bonus base on what you usually buy

Shopping Enthusiast

This seems more restrictive than the current bonuses.

I don't buy 25 beauty items in 6 months!

$40 in Household items would be a lot, too.

Now, if these were in addition to the current bonuses, then I am OK with this.  But not to replace the current bonuses.


Re: Bonus base on what you usually buy

Deal Sharer

Sounds great! And definitely have a longer expiration date, because that's the problem I've been going thru, before when I submitted the receipts it would let me do it at 7 days now for some reason is not letting me submitted at 7 days but at 6!😭