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Cash back app recipe - French (?) onion dip

Deal Expert

Note: you can use ANY BRAND items, the basic point is if you bought it and got it (and got cash back for it) USE IT

1 packet from a 2-pack of Lipton Recipe Secrets ONION SOUP mix (for some reason it doesn't call itself FRENCH onion soup but every time I bought it I got special offers points for it from Fetch Rewards, it was part of TWO Fetch Rewards Unilever 60 for 20 cash back marathons I've completed and the last time I redeemed a Kroger e-coupon for 2)

1 16 oz BREAKSTONE sour cream (claimed and completed Ibotta cash back deals @least 4Xs last 5 months and got more than 25 token receipt scan points from Fetch Rewards)

The above mentioned items are the only ingredients in the recipe on the Lipton Recipe Secrets box but I added other ingredients, random non-specific amounts

Avocado, whether fresh or prepackaged

Sir Kensington chipotle or sriracha mayo (have yet to find sriracha anywhere)

Sir Kensington vinaigrette

(Last fall got my 2nd ever Sir Kensington brand bonus and those buys also were part of my first Fetch Rewards Unilever 60 for 20 cash back marathon)

Mix ingredients in a bowl, or like the last 2-3 times just add ingredients directly to sour cream container. However, put SOME of the completed dip into a small container because it will spill over if you put the lid back on

Thanks to this recipe I will probably never again chase the Ibotta Dean's dip brand bonus again