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Cashing out problems

Rewards Hunter

Hi, I have sent an email to ibotta care about having issues to cash out my earnings, but they have not answered. It is my first time cashing out. Hopefully somebody can give me ideas on how to fix that problem because I do not want to lose my earnings. 

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Re: Cashing out problems

Deal Master


You shouldn't lose  your earnings.  You don't have to take them out at a certain threshold.  

Unless you have committed a fraud or something, they should eventually help you and get you your money.

It may take up to a week to get a response from ibotta.

1) When did you send the ticket to ibotta?

2) What specifically is happening when you try to cash out?  Where are you trying to cash out to?  What is the actual error message you are receiving? Have you tried other methods of cashout?  (e.g.  paypal direct to bank account, gift card, etc)

3) How did you 'email' them? 

Did you log into your account on a computer and then select CNTACT US  HEP CENTER.......then on top right of the next screen, select  SUBMIT A REQUEST?

On mobile device, you can also select ACCOUNT and then scroll down on next screen to HELP. And then select the menu dropdown (three stacked horizontal lines) at top right of page.

(either way will get you to the right place..     if you did that, then you likely are good and they will get back to you.


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Re: Cashing out problems

Rewards Hunter

it has been two weeks and no response from ibotta help, I have tried to cash out through every method and when I tried with Paypal it said my account is locked. I have no idea why my account is locked, I haven’t done anything wrong. My ticket still open, but no answer. 


Re: Cashing out problems

Deal Sharer

I had the same problem, and saved the response. Maybe this will work for you. 



Help Center

Thank you for contacting the Ibotta Care Team!

Your request (3450434) has been updated by our Ibotta Care Team. To add additional comments, reply to this email.


Nicole G. (Ibotta)

Nov 28, 15:38 MST

Hello Rosemary,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I apologize for the delay in response. We are currently experiencing a higher than normal amount of user requests.

It looks like there may have just been a glitch in the system. In the future, if you experience problem with the app, please go to systems settings and follow these instructions:

  • Go to Apps
  • Click on Ibotta
  • Click on Clear Data/Clear Cache


  • Force close the app by using the Task Manager/Switcher and swiping right on Ibotta or tapping the 'X' in the right-hand corner (close all other open applications if desired)
  • A complete restart of your device
  • Update to the latest version of the app
  • Update to the most current operating system of the device

If the problem persists, please send us any relevant screenshots and we can investigate the issue further. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!

Nicole G.



Rosemary Rest

Nov 25, 05:14 MST

This issue seems to have resolved itself. I'd still like to know why it happened. Thanks.



Rosemary Rest

Nov 23, 04:31 MST

I have tried several times to enter my password and keep getting an error message. (Oops! Incorrect password.) I can log in with my password but not withdraw cash. It worked two weeks ago. What gives?