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Changing brands

Rewards Hunter

I was hoping that I could buy a different brand of cat food,  I can not use meow mix. If there is a option for buying a different product than what is on the site. 

Thank you, Mary Ann 

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Re: Changing brands

Deal Expert

you can buy any cat food you want. go to petco online buy what you want and get 2 percent back and you can also buy a petco gift card 5 percent cash back and you can use that for payment online for a double dip or use the gift card at the store but you wont get the 2 percent back for an online purchase just the 5 percent for the gift card.


Re: Changing brands

Deal Master


If you are talking about regular in-store shopping, open up the ibotta app, choose the store you  shop at.  Scroll the scroll bar all the way to the right, and it will show you PET offers at that store.

Also, sometime if you buy a pet item using an ibotta rebate, it will offer you suggestions to try a competing product.   That also is located further down in store mode.   It is similar to how you get suggestions on Netflix.  (netflix for cats? 😊

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