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Coupons. Com

Deal Sharer

OK I'm sure a lot of us use So,  I was wondering VONS has some deals with digital coupons and I see some coupons at that is the same product so meaning another coupon on top. I don't know if you can use that extra coupon by linking your VONS card. And getting that extra savings online.

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Re: Coupons. Com

Deal Master


If you use a digital coupon, you can't use an additional printable coupon.

If you use a digital coupon, you most likely can't use rebates.  Most times the digital coupon will be immediately below the item it applies to, and it will be named as such.  As such the rebate will bounce.

If you use a printable MQ, and the store you use it at does not give it a meaningful name, you will be able to use it for rebate.   It is against the terms, but it would not stop you.  (e.g.  at Kroger, all of my printed MQs simply come up as SCANNED COUPON  $1.

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Re: Coupons. Com

Rewards Hunter

So I am wondering, these people on this blog, that are like on here all the time, they are like here, from Walmart. Mostly for the Thanksgiving Dinner, I think. But, why should they advise people on deals, coupons, sales, and situations outside of Walmart? I can't quiet get the words together, like I had the ideas strung together before, but it is like whoever is in charge of Walmart, some Dug-gar/Doug fella, wants to have like social service people, not in the same way that maybe aliens are using them in the pickup lines at Walmart, but work/lead people in, and thus this navigator is supposed to do that. So, this navigator, is supposed to get people from the Walmart Welfare, oh, no welfare at the holidays, but, whatever, meal program, and push or direct them to real social service things, or what? And yeah, I think there can be welfare at Thanksgiving/Holidays, because some people loose their Thanksgiving/Christmas meal and other celebrating rights/passes. Like it is illegal or just not allowed to serve traditional Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day to houseless people. Truly. It's a treat to even get a Thanksgiving hot plate anytime in the month of Nov. So it is kind of a big treat for all of you to have gotten what you got, because it is not based on anything from a houseless place at all. The places where pre-Thanksgiving meals happen, they are not supposed to be oriented at houseless people, they may serve only a few of them and if it is too obvious, they may not be allowed to do it. They supposed to be other types of things they use and most do not have the right to serve Thanksgiving meals anymore, not even to truly walk people in and things. So, how many of you, who ate the Thanksgiving Dinner, are going to apply for Food Stamps? Is there a measurement for that? Or what else, is the navigator supposed to do? Skip all this crap a bit, and just walk them out? Get them greeted? How many of you were greeted? Are they going to look for a house with white shoes in it? White bed sheets? I also am not sure, but it could get pretty nasty and dirty, but maybe the first round or whatever will be light. I sense you all could be labeled lost and lonely. I sense there are events that are going to be labeled lost and lonely and you can only participate in maybe two of them, assuming you don't have a label of lost or lonely. In that case, you may only get to participate in one. I am not sure what else all the lost and lonely activities  may be, but I bet they are out there. Is this navigator even a fair return of money? I don't really think so. I would like real cash/money or and not really over money, I need to hear and see results.