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Deals at other stores

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I really like the ibotta program. I've been using it right about 3 weeks now and have done very well. The only thing I wish is that so many deals weren't so exclusive to walmart. I do shop at Walmart, but would be able to get some really good deals at other stores I like better if many of the deals were available there as well. 

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Re: Deals at other stores

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@Donna2  You just echo'd what many of us have said in the past.   But Ibotta and Walmart have teamed up for some great offers.  In addition to Walmart, I shop primarily at CVS, ShopRite (some Stop and Shop) and Target.  At Target, I try to combine the red card savings.  This week is spend $50 get $10 off food, but there just wasn't enough of the offers that I wanted to buy there.  A lot of people also take advantage of the buy 4 select HABA get $5 offers at Target.  I know there are some great Kroger deals out there (not by me of course).  

Re: Deals at other stores

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@Donna2 ,

I imagine all those exclusives come at a cost to WM.   So it is entirely possible that many of those things would not even be offers if WM wasn't involved.  Perhaps WM owns a stake.  I have no idea.  But for whatever reason, I have just always been used to it.

Until @FelskyNY  I never thought much of WM deals.   Most of the free offers are not at my store, and they don't really have sales.  So I always thought my Kroger deals crushed WM.   I still do believe they do for my situation.   For those people who regularly shop WM, and who have availability of all the FREE and moneymakers, that probably works best for them.  Felsky kills on her WM deals though.  But half of what she buys, I dont have at my store., or else her ibotta offer will bet $10 off and mine will be 3 cents off WYB 25  (slight exaggeration)

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Re: Deals at other stores

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@Rickibotta  Thanks my friend.  I think Walmart has some great freebie deals and I find that their prices are lower than neighboring stores.  But really... Kroger has amazing in store deals to combine with Ibotta as you and your spreadsheet show us. 

You can manipulate all your CVS CRTs and EBs and Qs etc and can get some great deals on free shampoo, mouthwash and toothpaste, but you still have to pay TAX.  I have been finding that my primary grocery shopping is done at ShopRite (and yes I do Ibotta there but don't post much about it).  I also fill in with Target and the TC offers, and a recent addition is Lidl which I'm gradually starting to shop the store brands and find some great deals there too.  Again, I do use several rebating apps, so by combining them, I do get some great Walmart offers.  SB and SK have more offers at Walmart too (like Ibotta), so again, directing us to shop there instead of other stores.  Like the old board game says - Do not pass go, Do not collect $200.