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Digital Receipts and Rewards

Rewards Hunter

Having just signed up to Ibotta, I'm new to this whole process. I linked my Walmart account to my Ibotta account, checked out online for Pick-Up, and received a digital receipt. From what I believe, I will receive credit to my Ibotta account within a few days, no scanning needed due to the account link? Is this correct?


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Re: Digital Receipts and Rewards

Deal Expert

Correct all linked accounts as long as you click on the ibotta items 1st will credit normally up to 48 hours but some people have stated 3-5 days some longer.

Re: Digital Receipts and Rewards

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @SaraAnn

Welcome to Ibotta! 

To answer your question - yes, you should receive credit within 48 hours as long as you've added the offers beforehand (clicked the plus icon). 

To help you get started, I recommend checking out this helpful blog post that walks you through all of the ways you can earn cash back with Ibotta:

How to Use Ibotta: A Complete Guide

You can also get answers to common questions via our Help Center. I hope this helps, and happy shopping! 😊

Re: Digital Receipts and Rewards


Don’t hold your breathe. For some reason they couldn’t link my Walmart. I spanned a receipt from the store and I never got credit for all of the items.