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Disappearing credits?


I posted 2 receipts maybe 3 or more days ago, showed it was on the way to my acct, but I've yet to see either credited. This is a rather time consuming app I wish when u scanned the receipt it picked up everything that I've purchased that is applicable. I did try both several times due to the appearance of no trace anywhere I could find that they were acknowledged after that point, like a ghost entry?'i thought it'd at least say pending with each transaction, something so I won't feel as if all the time looking then shopping then scanning ect multiple times was a waisted on my part by far including the $$ not being reimbursed, which is not y'all's gimic. Please help with any info, thanks.

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Re: Disappearing credits?

Ultimate Saver

I had a "Ghost" pending transaction last week.  I purchased something from Amazon and I did go through Ibotta first.

However, Ibotta is only giving rebates on certain Amazon devices.  What I bought was not an Amazon device.  So, it didn't surprise me that it disappeared.

I would double check the restrictions for the merchant.  If you still feel you should have gotten credit, open up a request and give them all the information.  Include copies of your email with the merchant and screenshots of the details of the rebate.  Even a picture of the item you purchased might help.

Please note that it is currently taking 7 to 8 days to get a response.  Just be patient.  They will get back to you.

Good luck.

Re: Disappearing credits?


Totally agree on the receipt scanning. It would be nice if it was like Fetch Rewards scanner. That one picks up everything just by snapping a photo of the receipt. You are best off if you scan the same receipt in both apps. At least you will get a few points extra. Please use my reference code 2H5MU if you create an account for a 2,000 point bonus.