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Easy categorization on app idea

Rewards Hunter

Ibotta has grown a lot since it was first created. Many retailers have been added as well as products, stores, and companies. But I find many products and stores aren't relevant to me bc I'm not interested, but I often spend a lot of time scrolling through everything to find anything relevant for me. Why not streamline the app user interface to accommodate a users purchase history or purchasing pattern using categories that cater to a person's general using history? For example, mother's who often shop for baby or kid essentials can easily locate deals pertaining to their shopping needs. Pet lovers can easily find the companies, retailers, or products that they frequently purchase. This is done by the categories listed in each grocery store, but why not create categories that streamline all the offerings in the app? Right now, you have to access each category by going into each store. Perhaps you can create a favorites category that lists previous deals used, or suggestions from past purchase history. Its a great app now but I think it can be better. 

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Re: Easy categorization on app idea

Deal Master

I like this idea, but you can do something like this already.

From the Home screen, type in Baby in the search field at the top.  You will find all baby related offers, bonuses and stores.

The same can be done with pets.

Please note: searches like this can also bring up items listed like Baby Ruth bars.