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False Accusation of Duplicate Receipt

Super Saver

It is so annoying to me when ibotta flags my receipt per "already submitted by someone else" when I know that they are referencing my teammate's receipt that has the same date/total. But if they took the time to compare the receipts, they would see: the items are different flavors, arranged in different order, payment methods different, not to mention receipt number is different.

Let me suggest that ibotta trains their customer service to review/compare flagged receipts,  I am guessing their backlog of complaints would reduce significantly.
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Re: False Accusation of Duplicate Receipt

Deal Master

When my son got out on his own, I helped him get a Kroger card.  They had 3-day deals over the weekend that had a limit of 5.  He had a different address than I did.   I would take him to the store and teach him how to shop, and we also would clean up on some of the 3-day deals.

They ended up restricting my main account.   After a while and much discussions, they did reinstate my account, but they merged my son's in with mine.  They were absolutely convinced we must live together since we shopped together.  It did not matter he had a separate card number.

Their decision made no sense.   And I still don't understand what all went wrong, but I gave up fighting.

I am not sure why they have flagged your receipt, especially since you said they are different receipt IDs and everything else.   I would suggest that you don't add offers to each other's accounts on the other's devices though; not that you are.  It probably would just raise red flags.    I am not sure how all their security and 'multiple accounts in one household' situations work.  So I'm not sure that is even an issue.

This is why I don't have teammates.   It seems to be nothing but troubles from what I hear from others.

I am sure if you reach out to them and open a ticket, it will get resolved for you.  When that happens, you can ask them why it got flagged, and you can ask them to suggest what you can do differently so it doesn't happen again.

Misunderstandings happen.  Providing you approach it that a mistake has been made (and that is all it was) I am sure you will get your desired result. 


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