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Fur Babies

Rewards Advocate

I know a lot of us on here donate to food banks and pantries, but have you considered donating to a non profit or no **bleep** animal shelter? Ibotta always has numerous options in the  pet section.
I budget $10 a week to purchase food and treats for a cat shelter nearby. I look for sales, coupons, Ibotta offers and scan the shelves once a week for close outs, bogos, etc. I have already donated 20 bags of kitten food (she gets pallets of regular cat food, but never kitten food or for sick cats with special diets), several flats of wet cat food, and at least 15 bags of treats (which they love) this year so far. After all, don’t we all like the occasional treat (dessert). 

just an idea! I know my fur babies (I have 2 indoor dogs) who are my children. They eat as good as I do, so why not share the love with a baby who lives in a shelter.