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general questions


I just have a couple questions. This is the first time I've seen this community for Ibotta. I hope this does not mean that this replaces the Ibotta group. I have a question I know it's been answered before in the I bought a group but I forgot the answer what happened to my friends on Facebook my team members they disappeared on me again and I forgot what I'm supposed to do to get them back. Pretty much those are my two questions does this community replace the group and how do I get my friends to show up again my team members.

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Re: general questions

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi there, 

1) This Community will replace the owned Ibotta Facebook Groups. Our hope is to create a valuable place for you to have conversations, provide feedback, and learn more about Ibotta.  We're really excited about some of the features and functions of this new platform and believe it will improve your experience in the community and with the app. For example, we'll verify correct answers to common questions so you can get the information you need to maximize your savings. This is your ultimate, one-stop destination for all things Ibotta and the only place to connect directly with the Ibotta team.

2) To regain your connected teammates, simply disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account to your Ibotta account in the Account section of the app. 


I hope this helps address your concerns!