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Greatly Saddened


An email this morning ask how I was going to use Ibotta this month.  Well, I thought I was going to use it as a boost for the Holidays to be able to do things I wasn't going to be able to do since my unemployment runs out this month. I have been so grateful for Ibotta since this whole virus started. It has helped me stretch my little $149 a week check greatly. That was until yesterday. 

I don't do technology very well so I avoid online shopping. Well the bonuses were to good to not try at least. I am in several Facebook Ibotta groups and ask for help as to how to do this. I needed to get things done because 1) I have to rely on other people to drive me places. 2) I have a lot of  health problems and a lot of appointments this month. 3) I have a large amount of cookie making to do and Christmas cards to write and get mailed out. 4) Health and weather will be worse. So my time and energy are not a lot. 

I did the easiest, got everything done, and figured I would have extra Holiday money and could put my attention to all my other things then. Not one person told my there might be backlash from Ibotta for doing this!

My account is now locked.  I had to get help to submit a ticket but with all the backup everyone is talking about I have no idea when I'll be able to get my earning (I had left November $ in account for Christmas) or even if I will be able to get it. 😔

This has just added way more stress than I needed to an already stressful month! I did appreciate all the help I got from everyone but with that help they should have told me the 'invisible rules', the consequences,  especially knowing I had not shopped online before.

I pray Ibotta can help this Grandma to do Christmas but believe me when I say lesson learned, advice will be taken with a huge grain of salt, and not sure I want to do online ever again!

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Re: Greatly Saddened

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I am sorry to hear you are continuing to have problems.  There are no invisible or punitive rules.  There likely are several different things going on.  If you are linked there are more problems with that, and if you do store pickup and delivery there are more problems with that than in-store.  Ibotta does not lock accounts for buying too much or to punish for any reason other than some issue with perceived fraud or something else that triggered an alert.

When they do get back to you, I believe they will give you an idea why this was done.  You will get your money if there is no wrongdoing.    I am sorry you apparently did not realize it may take up to a week or more for tickets.

I do hope your issues get resolved

(I have looked through your old posts, so it is now clear to me that you are not new on ibotta and you have a good amount of lifetime earnings, so you obviously are successful with 'regular ibotta'.  Based on all you have said, my personal suggestion is to go back to what was working for you and avoid online shopping.   In my personal opinion ALL cash-back online purchases with ANY CB site is hit and miss.  I use 8 or 10 of them, and I never count on the CB.  I never make a purchase expecting the CB.   I consider it a bonus.  I believe you should look at it similarly.   Again, I am sorry online isnt working out well.)

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Re: Greatly Saddened

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I, too, am sorry to hear of your problems with Ibotta.  I count on the savings I earn, also.  I do most of my shopping in store and scan my receipt.  It works.  Online shopping has a lot of hiccups that I try to avoid.

There are many online merchants that put restrictions on what they will accept.  An example is Amazon.  They are only doing certain electronic devices right now.  Some merchants have exclusions if you get a discount, which seems crazy to me since the discounts are usually better than the percentage back.  The biggest problem with many online purchases with Ibotta is the wait time.  It can take more than a week before it shows up as pending and sometimes it is pending for up to 90 days.

If there are bonuses, Ibotta is pretty good at keep track of which ones you should get credit for.  It is based on when you made the purchase, not when you receive it.  However, you won't get the bonus until after the pending period for all items for that bonus. 

As @Rickibotta said, you may want to stick to in store purchases, especially if money is tight and you can't wait months for the money.

Re: Greatly Saddened

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That is very frustrated.’ I know I get annoyed when I don’t get credit and it seems like we have no real recourse.‘ I’ve just been back on Ibotta for a few weeks and have had several problems, and am hoping for responses but so far none.  Last night I submitted an offer 4 times and it kept dropping off saying you couldn’t read receipt.. the picture of receipt is fine.  Now the offer is over,‘and its annoying that I bought it just for this offer, but how much time do you spend chasing one dollar?  I hope yours works out for you!