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Has the extension worked for anyone?


I downloaded the iBotta extension a while ago. I tried it recently with a Macy’s purchase- no luck. 
I submitted a ticket with all the info requested and received the standard “ you didn’t launch from the app”. 
I have asked for tech support, but not counting on it, as there have been so many glitches lately. 
I see someone has been successful with BuyBuy Baby. Anyone else have any luck?

i am probably going to delete it and use a different app for Macy’s and other online shoppers. Or just go through my phone. 
I was hoping this was going to work. 
iBotta is great for the in store product rebates that you can scan to verify, but the other stuff is hit or miss.  😓

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Re: Has the extension worked for anyone? No Luck

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Hi Lisa I also have had no luck getting the extension to work I have tried to get my walmart account to link with the ext. I was counting on it working off my desktop it makes it easier to shop off of . Am very disappointed that the ext 

even if it did work correctly .  it does not work with  but it  does on your phone app.

I reckon i will stick to my phone app it safer that way to insure you get your rebate

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