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Have you ever heard saving is too hard?

Shopping Enthusiast

Like many users I also received the email message announcing the increase for referrals during tree month.  I have made referrals and talked to other shoppers when I'm out in stores gathering items from a list I have checked and double checked. 

Shoppers I have attempted to introduce to Ibotta are wowed by the amount of my lifetime earnings in the 12 moths since joining Ibotta. I explain it is simple to use. sign-up, shop, and get paid. Well as the most of you that is reading this know it is a little more detail than that but like some have mentioned per @Dana it is not rocket science. 

When I initially started using Ibotta I had a few concerns (cyber security, spam, junk mail, or those pesky internet pop-up ads) As I ventured into the core of Ibotta and learned that this app is really just as simple as it is rewarding more shoppers should be using this or similar sites, 

A few months ago I had a good day shopping at WM and was explaining to another shopper why I kept scanning product bar codes with my phone and even let her see how I used coupons to stack bonuses thanks @FelskyNY , @Be-Bop-A-Lula , and @SaverGirl67 for all the insight you all provide.  Even though I showed her I got back $24.00 she replied that's too much work. From others I have introduced to Ibotta the list of excuses to why they find saving difficult is really entertaining.  

Then while I was out cutting my grass trying to think of what store I could shopping at on Thursday after the WWB is announced to catch a few more unicorns. The Idea hit why don't Ibotta offer a trail to new users.  Let them select their favorite retailer, browse the gallery for that retailer and let them see what their rewards could be if they were part of Ibotta. Keep it really simple like a 90 day test drive with benefits.  Then if they desire to go all out and let them join and make those rewards retroactive.  

This is just one of my random thoughts while I was doing my chores, @Icequeen813  does that mean I'm getting addicted to Ibotta?  I would like to know what your thoughts are all of this has made me want to go shopping got to check my unicorn traps!

Don't let what you don't have prevent you from enjoying what you do have.
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Re: Have you ever heard saving is too hard?

Deal Master

@OBSHOP  Many people feel it's "too much work" to cut a coupon or scan a card, it really is amazing.  How many times am I in Target and I tell people about getting a red card to save 5% or scan TC?  How about scanning your card at CVS? People would rather complain about having less money than do something about it.  It's like recycling bottles.  We recycle anyway, so if I spend a few minutes at the grocery store and redeem my bottle deposits, I'm going to do it to save/earn money back.  

Funny, you said Then while I was out cutting my grass trying to think of what store I could shop at on Thursday ….

Who is familiar with the expression "Make hay while the sun shines" or shortened just to "make hay". 

“Make hay while the sun shines” is a common English proverb that’s used to refer to taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. It can be used in a wide variety of situations, in regard to oneself or to other people.

We all prefer to "make hay" while others don't.  It isn't for everyone. I think I honesty get just as much joy sharing my deals with all of you as I do from the deal itself, maybe more. 

Re: Have you ever heard saving is too hard?


@OBSHOP   Unfortunately I find most people are not willing to do the work to get a rebate. Without fail EVERYONE I have introduced to Ibotta either never uses it or uses it once and quits because it is “too much work”

Even before Ibotta I have always found discount shopping for food clothes or household items an adventure. I think it’s fun. Like a game I just keep winning - but all my friends see is work. I don’t know how to make it fun for them. So I respect their lack of interest and they respect my enthusiasm and we call it a draw. Lol

Re: Have you ever heard saving is too hard?

Shopping Enthusiast

@OBSHOP I think people aren’t willing to do it for a variety of reasons.  Some don’t want to spend the time planning or aren’t tech savvy.  Some may find all of the different retailers and offers overwhelming.  Your idea to focus on one store while learning the app is a good one.