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How is this going to work?

Deal Expert

Hello everyone. I just want to know how this community is going to work. Is it going to be only Ibotta deals and savings or is it going to be every savings apps and posts that have nothing to do with ibotta and people just use the word ibotta to put up a post, pictures of ibotta hauls or pictures of kid, pets and dinner, and constant repeat post of the same thing like the facebook group? I'm tired of that and just want all things Ibotta. Also will we be able to put a picture of ourselves like the admins or will it stay as an avatar thing? Thank you.

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Re: How is this going to work?


HI I had some of the same questions...not sure i ever got a response ... 

But like you i hope the folks at ibotta pay attention to what its user are suggesting and try to make the app better ... happy redeeming! 


Re: How is this going to work?

Deal Sharer

I enjoyed the FB group, this new one, I don't get any notification and have to come here to see what is going on, and the fb group wasn't too bad, yes they had a lot of things not related to ibotta, but were just sharing other money saving apps.