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How much do we spend

Super Saver

A while back I read a post from a newbie asking how much do we spend to save so much?

 Well, I am bored and decided to look.

Today, I went shopping at Kroger & Walmart aiming only to finish my Feb level 1 bonus (I needed 16 offers), finish the last Unilever Bonus for fetch (I needed $10 worth) and start my $10/36 offers Valentine bonus.

Well 4 hours later this is what I had accomplished. I completed the Unilever bonus, completed the Feb level 1 bonus and completed 34/36 offers for my Valentine Bonus and 18/35 for my Feb Level 2 bonus.

my total was $283.00 which included sale prices (not retail).

I saved 74.00 in store and mfr coupons today, which bought my total charged on my credit card to 209.

I received $83.00 back from Ibotta, Fetch, Shopkick, Checkout 51, Coinout, and Kroger Cash Back on today’s purchases only.

which brought my total oop to 126.00. 

after I buy 2 more items, Ibotta will send me $10 plus whatever the rebates are on the items purchased. I will wait for Ibotta to reset and hope that a freebie or a moneymaker comes along - I have another week to complete the bonus.

do plan to shop, shop the plan, Scan and submit receipts immediately and you will be successful. I usually save at least 50% off full price every trip. 

I purchased 95 items today and only 1 item was at full price without any coupons or rebates and that was my pkg of favorite lunch meat for work next week.

I hope this helps someone.

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Re: How much do we spend

Deal Ambassador

@Janet1964 what a great post Janet. Motivating and such a great thing for some of the newer folks trying to work it all out. Thanks for the great words of wisdom!


Re: How much do we spend

Deal Master

@Janet1964  I agree with @Donna2   We all spend money for everyday groceries but try to minimize the OOP (out of pocket).  I always use digitals, shop sales and use paper coupons and rebate apps to save money. 

I stock up on toiletries, laundry and dry goods with Ibotta so I go very little OOP for those.  

I also shop frozen when it's on sale to save at least 50-75% (until the freezer dies and it all gets thrown out). (Except for a little meat/chicken and 3 Digiorno's pizzas which were in my neighbor's freezer).

I have tons of Barilla ready pasta and Raos soup which my family likes - all at great savings. Cereal, we all know about the great deals.  So once this "pending storm" is over, I'm going to buckle down and see what I can find to replenish my freezer stash.

Oh, and I did save my Fairlife creamers by burying them in the snow! 

My rambling point is - stock up when things are on sale and try to buy on sale when they aren't.