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Kroger linking and receipts

Rewards Hunter

How do I link Kroger loyalty card when there is no link to do so?  


Also I've uploaded pic of receipt but didnt get credit for purchase.  How can I correct that?

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Re: Kroger linking and receipts

Deal Expert

kroger is scan receipts only no linking cards.  is it still pending or did it go through and they missed an item? if pending you hae to wait till it goes through if they missed after it went through go toi account help them 3 lines upper right corner to send a ticket.


Re: Kroger linking and receipts

Deal Master

You scanned each item and added everything after scanning the receipt, correct?

You should get notification within an hour or so for Kroger purchases.

Please explain more about what the deal is.

Like Dana said, you can't link with Kroger right now, and I will stay unlinked anyway until I know it is working properly.  Kroger linking never really got off the ground.

BTW, are you currently using Kroger Cash Back (KCB)?  If not, check it out.

I would suggest looking through KCB on a computer.  It is easier to see everything then.

You get the most out of Kroger when you use ibotta with KCB as well as manufacturer coupons. The Kroger digital coupons can't be combined with KCB though, and that is why I use other printables.   The deals get really when you get B5S5 deals combined with all of this.

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