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Learn by your mistakes

Super Saver

I made a boo-boo yesterday and bought the wrong cookies at Kroger. They had a digital deal coupon to buy fresh deli cookies and you could redeem 3 times on 1 coupon. So I found my favorite - sugar cookie. I told my husband that he could pick the other two. He asked me which ones and I did not read my coupon and told him any kind since they were all the same price.  He picked two. When he scanned at self checkout - he told me it did not credit like my sugar cookie did. I told him it would at the end and he scanned the second one also. Well, I was wrong!! The coupon was for 16 count and the two he picked were 10 ct. I said oh well, I paid fir that mistake! This morning, I opened the 10 ct with a glass of Nesquik. Oh my, those are the best cookies I had ever bought!! They are worth every penny!! But next time, I will double check the coupon before letting him choose. I hope this helps someone else.

I also forgot to use a pc that I had for dove deodorant at Walmart last night. I was kicking myself on the way home. When I got home, I was checking and they had it there, so I still got to redeem it. I just have an extra pc to buy another next time. Even those that have been doing this for years mess up every now and then. Lol

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Re: Learn by your mistakes

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@Janet1964  I had 2 hiccups today - it happens to all of us.  

1) Frosted flakes are on both Ibotta and Shopkick.  I've been using the shopkick to get free cups of cereal when I shop, but this time, I decided to do the cereal box. I thought it was $2.28 but it was $2.98, but I needed the Ibotta for the bonus, so I did it anyway - (I got the $5 bonus so it covered it, but I wouldn't have normally paid that much).  

2) I also bought the Diamond almond crackers for $2.48 (combining with $1 coupon and .50¢ Ibotta.  I thought the .30¢ offer on SB also would apply because it was pictured - but the fine print said only the nuts (and whatever sizes).  

live and learn.

Re: Learn by your mistakes

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Hate it when I make a mistake like that. I took advantage of a store deal because I also knew I could apply the purchase to get credit online. Turns out it was only for one particular store and not all retailers. Eh, you live and learn. 

Re: Learn by your mistakes

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Oh believe me I've made mistakes in getting comfy with combinig ibotta, shopkick, kroger cash back, and now fetch. My wheel is turning easier and easier now but I still hiccup here and there. The one that I really get flubbed up on is putting together cvs and walgreens deals. I need dang near need a graph...pie charts...flow and medications, a  "rocket science class", and a hope and prayer to get those deals down lol

Re: Learn by your mistakes

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@Donna2  I hear ya - just not enough braincells to juggle all the apps I'm combining, paper and digital coupons, TC offers, and CVS CRTs and EBs.  I give up - Walgreens would just put me over the edge.

Re: Learn by your mistakes

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**bleep**@ the soft top apple cinnamon they have that I ate.  It was about the best thing I have ever eaten, so I believe you.  There are times where they qualify for the cookie sales.   Scan in store to see.

1) I always use self-checkout.   For things like this, I scan the cookies first.  Then I hit PAY NOW.   Then I see if the coupon comes off right.  If not, I deal with it then.   Then I hit GO BACK and continue on to the next item.  I also use this approach when they have BOGOF spices.   Normally, if you buy 4 spices that are $4 each and 4 that are $1 each, they give you the $1 ones for free.   So I do them in pairs with the highest ones first and then hit PAYNOW, etc ,etc

2) My Kroger is good about letting me take in a PQ in a day or two later along with my receipt, and they give me the cash for it.   They also do it for DQs.  I simply show them the Q on my phone.

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Re: Learn by your mistakes

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I made a **bleep** mistake the other day.  I was buying the Popsicle deal at Walmart.  I had even printed out the $.55 coupon, but after I checked out, I realized I forgot to use the coupon!

I was still in the store and went to Customer Service.  I told them I forgot to use my coupon and they gave me the $.55 in cash.

Sometimes you make mistakes, but others can help.