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Nail Polish is not healthy

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I had to share what I was told yesterday at CVS so we could ALL have a good laugh.

I went to CVS to use my carepass which was expiring tomorrow. I did not need anything and have too much toothpaste, makeup, etc so I wanted some Nail Polish.  I checked my account and saw that I had a digital coupon for $2 off 3 Poparazzi and $3 off $10 any nail Polish. So I go there first thing in the morning before food shopping. They are remodeling the store so I cannot find the poparazzi display anywhere, but find three different Essie displays. So I ask a cashier where to find the Poparazzi. She can’t find it either, so she finds the store manager and asks her. She responds- we are changing to a healthier store and we no longer carry the Poparazzi line. The store across town still carries it though.

I kid you not. I looked at both of them like they had lost their minds and walked away. I had no idea that one brand of nail Polish was NOT healthy while every other brand in the store is! If I have to go across town to buy the brand I want - then I will buy ALL of my items at THAT store!

I bought a nail manicure kit to keep in my luggage bag and a roll of mentos candy - with my carepass and left not planning on returning to that store even though it is across the street from my regular Walmart where I go to twice a week.


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Re: Nail Polish is not healthy


@Janet1964   That seems really odd. I mean if they’re not going to carry it in the future - where are the items they still have in stock??  And who is deciding to make it a “healthy store”??  And what does that actually mean?? And if CVS is creating new “healthy stores” how come they’re not advertising it??  
Honestly I’m filled with questions!!  Lol