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New method of redeeming

Rewards Hunter

I'm just curious if anybody has actually used the new method of redeeming by having your credit go directly into your bank account. Has it worked for you? If you have will you speak up and tell me how you felt about giving "Plaid" your secret information about your account?   I'd like to do it, but I'm nervous about it.  Anybody else?

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Re: New method of redeeming


Yes I redeem $100.00 to my account with no problems it took a couple days. I did receive a confirmation to. Hope this helps.


Re: New method of redeeming

Deal Expert

I don't know what plaid is but I have my bank account linked since I do not have paypal. It hasn't been a peoblem for me my bank has great protection. Some people say they will get hacked those people need to switch to a new bank if they think that.

Re: New method of redeeming


Yes I have cashed out to a bank account successfully.  Not thrilled about giving out user id and password. but it is an account I don't  use frequently  No fee account with  just a small balance.  I would prefer to only give a routing number  and account number  like other sites use.

Re: New method of redeeming

Deal Master

Not for me.   Emphasis added.


Q: I’m concerned about my privacy. What exactly do you have access to if I were to link my bank account?
A: When linking your bank account with Plaid, you consent to sharing certain types of data from your financial institution with us and Plaid. To learn more about how we handle your data, click here, and to learn more about how Plaid handles your data, click here. We do not sell, or otherwise do anything else with this information, and having it does not give us the ability to take actions with your bank account.

  1. Transaction history: transactions on your statements which could include merchant, amount, and date.
  2. Account holder information: Could include name, phone number, address of the account owner.
  3. Account balance: Balance of bank account


I also don't like the idea that if their database gets  compromised like many other stores have been in the past, that they may get my banking account number and routing number or even transaction history and balance.  People can tell me all they want about how their data is encrypted and such.  All I know is if I don't give it out, I don't have to worry about it.

And I have no idea what login and password you are talking about.  Surely you aren't saying you have given them  your actual login credentials to your banking institution, correct?


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