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new to the group

Rewards Hunter

so hows everyone like being in this group?? any tips on ways to make more money quicker or do you know any other apps that are simular to this one im on quite a few right now but anything helps

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Re: new to the group

Super Saver

Hello, @Tashanord91! Welcome to this ibotta community. I've been with ibotta for more than 2 years, but I've been participating in this group for about 2 months. It's fun to be part of this group....we share the same passions for ibotta-ing!

In response to your question about other apps, yes, there are many! In terms of general grocery apps, after ibotta, these are my faves with signup links using my referral codes:

1) FETCH Rewards:

2) CoinOut:

3) (both digital & printable)

4) CheckOut51

5) Receipt Hog

Many people on this forum use the above apps, and some people use other apps that I don’t use and have not mentioned.

If you were a newbie to using grocery apps, I would caution you from adding too many at once (could lead to burnout). And if you burnout using grocery apps, you won’t save another dime!

I’m assuming you already use the apps for your regular stores (e.g., Kroger/affiliates, Target Circle, Sprouts, etc.). If not, start there because those are great for extra discounts & deal-stacking!

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Re: new to the group

Skilled Saver

Welcome, @Tashanord91. We are glad you joined us. I also recommend the grocery apps that @What-Shot, suggested. Another one I find helpful is SwagBucks:

As a side-note...I think everyone here would agree that Ibotta is the most lucrative of the grocery apps....but the others are great as a supplement and/or to maximize your savings/earnings.

Glad you joined us!



Re: new to the group

Deal Sharer

Welcome to the group.  It's like most others you need some knowledge and work.  Do enjoy the rewards.