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Not Cool Here!

Super Saver

What are your Top 3 Not-Cool Here (aka Pet Peeves) that people in this community post about?
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Re: Not Cool Here!

Deal Expert

Teammates (I'm sure this is going to be most peoples as well)

Attention posts ( Like I'm and going to delete this if I do not get my whatever)

Teammates (it bears repeating)

People who put the posts anywhere they want and not where it belongs.

Re: Not Cool Here!

Deal Master

@What-Shot  I mean, we want to be welcoming - @ScottyS  It's getting really frustrating.  The entire 1st page of the board is filled with "I'm NEW"  "Hi"  "Teammates"  "How do I do this"

We want to be welcoming and I think we are a friendly bunch, but maybe the Ibotta G-Ds of above can send out emails inviting people to joint the community with a short list of "Do's and Don'ts"  or a "Doorway" that everyone has to pass through to enter with instructions on these do's and don't.  I think we have put together some really great deals that we all share and we all have fun in the community, but unless you want to lose some of your original members (please don't take this as a threat, it is not meant as such in any way) - the community needs to be policed a little better. 

Do you want us to start marking "Hi" "I'm New" posts as inappropriate?

I personally like to pop in and out throughout the day while I'm working and just take a 30 second break.

How about a permanent post at the top that says   START HERE - and lists the do's and don't?