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Hey guys!

Our spouses might be super happy that we now have another way to spend even more time on Ibotta 😂😂.   Lockdown coping, amirite?

Quick question, I literally have tried and tried to link my PayPal - apparently they flagged me for 😂 “spending a suspiciously large amount at Target, very often), and then we laughed and laughed as I explained that, nope, it’s all me; blankets and throw pillows are my toddler mom in mba school coping method and target is just a block away. (I KNOW!!).


BUT.   Even after them fixing it I’m still unable to link. Anyone else run into issues? And does anyone have any advice?  Also can someone teach me how to coupon because I **bleep**, but I own it with flourish. 

Also, yay for new shopping friends!  Everyone stay safe and healthy and WASH YOUR HANDS. 😉

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Re: Paypal


Ps: I , uh... guys, I didn’t swear and I sure didn’t write bleep 😂.   🤷‍♀️😂