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Question about linked accounts

Rewards Hunter

Does anyone know how it works when the account is linked? I made a purchase but dont see any updates as of yet. It's been 48 plus hours.



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Re: Question about linked accounts


I think it depends on the store. The only one I have linked currently only takes a day at most usually. Sometimes a couple of days, but usually overnight. Some companies may take longer to process that through their corporate offices. Think it is supposed to be 48 hours, but maybe if it's your first time doing that linked, it might take longer I suppose? 

Only thing you have to make sure of is that you did use your loyalty card when you checked out. I missed one once when I was in too much of a hurry and didn't type my phone number in on the self-checkout. Ha!

Re: Question about linked accounts

Rewards Hunter
What if the store your ibotta account is linked to doesn't offer a loyalty card, I.e., WALMART... I was able to finally get my walmart account linked to ibotta and in turn did my grocery shopping online with walmart delivery. The groceries arrived .. how can I see how much ibotta savings I will realize?

Re: Question about linked accounts

Shopping Enthusiast

Sometimes it takes several days for Walmart Grocery to process.  As long as your Account shows that it is linked, you don’t need to do anything.  My purchase never shows as pending.  I make a list of offers and bonuses I am expecting. If there are any mistakes, then you can submit a ticket.