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Rewards Hunter


im new to this community  but not new to ibotta but have coma across questions.

1. On ibotta when you have teammates does that get you any points and how can you add FB friends or any friends right from here

2.i have noticed some questions about walmart shopping. Is there an account number to connect on my stores that give automatic points for me. and how do i add account numbers too add it to that store where on the app do i do go on ibotta. 

I think that was it.!Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. would be great to become teammates.


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Re: Questions

Deal Expert

Ibotta is not points it's rebate money. your facebook friends that use ibotta  are your teammates a notification went out in the beginning of july that teammates aren't working theres a pinned post in th deals forum november teammates that states to put your requests there and not to put up your own post it clogs up the feed. Find that post and pout it there. All teammates help with is the money amount that needs to be reached for the monthly level bonuses you still have to meet the number of rebates needed.  For walmart if you're doing pick up or delivery you need to connect your walmart account to ibotta.


Re: Questions

Deal Master


Bonuses are made up of two components.   The personal goal is the number of offers you must complete.   The team goal is the $ amount of the offers redeemed.  (e.g. complete 10 offers for $10 to get a $1 bonus.   Having a teammate will only help you in the $ amount.  Their purchases don't count towards the personal goal.  YOU still have to get the 10 offers.  The longer you are an ibotta member and the more redemptions you do, the larger the personal goal tends to get.  So after a while, you may need to get 30 offers for $30 to get $1.   The hardest part of that ends up being the personal goal of 30 offers.   So some people are totally into wanting to be on a team, and many of us think they are basically pointless.

You don't get automatic points.  You must choose the offers you may want to redeem.     Then if you are linked you need do nothing but buy the items at the store.   If you are unlinked, you need to submit a receipt.



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