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Rebate Gone


Went in Walmart and purchased Oreo cookies. Got to my car and scanned receipt. It attached some men's products that I did not buy. So I deselected that item and submitted my receipt. Receipt is not showing in my list as pending or under earnings. Have not received credit for the cookies and now the rebate is gone. What should I do? Thanks for suggestions! 

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Re: Rebate Gone

Super Saver

Sometimes the usual tricks such as clearing the app's data/cache,  logging out/in, rebooting device, updating app, etc, trigger what is necessary to view the status of something such as a receipt or bonus progress. If you have already tried those things and still don't see reference to your receipt either in your notifications OR your earnings page....that would be a drag! I would likely submit a ticket.

But hopefully, it's just a time-lag and will refresh the next time you check. Cheering for you!