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Responding to email

Rewards Hunter

Sorry for this if it's in the wrong place. But I received an email about an order being cancelled and to go to the help center. Well I did that and it's not customer friendly at all. Since you can't reply to the email as it's a no-reply only type. I would like someone to contact me so I can get this taken care of.

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Re: Responding to email

Super Saver

Bummer! That is frustrating.  On Monday @LaraL will come to your rescue and either resolve it or advise you accordingly.

Have you already submitted a ticket? Has your account been reversed? Submitting a ticket is generally the best place to start.

Meanwhile,  just try to be patient and don't discard any receipts or packaging of eligible items (if you still have them).

Every one here can relate to your issue and we're all cheering for you.