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Scanless app

Rewards Hunter

So the app dont send you a warning you just take money from my account because I havent been in here that's how desperate yall are for money **bleep**. yall full if **bleep** anyway why you have the same **bleep** at every store an no organic products **bleep** you an this fake ass app to earn money you take if I'm not on her regular 

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Re: Scanless app

Deal Expert

If you are inactive for 6 months they take out a fee every month until you start using it again or you reach $0. It's in the terms that you should of read when you signed up and they do send an email before they do.Ibotta is a marketing app the manufactures decide what products go in which stores.

Re: Scanless app

Deal Master

You are correct.  If you don't use Ibotta for 6 months or more, $3.99 will be subtracted from your balance each month.  This is documented in the terms of the agreement.  

If you have a zero balance, no inactivity fee will be subtracted.

As for Organic products, there are MANY Organic products.  I did a quick search in the Ibotta app and found almost 50 items that are Organic.