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Selecting offers before shopping


Is anyone else having issues with offers not appearing “checked” after they’ve been selected? I added offers to a Target run before headed out this evening but had to add again once arrived at store. Just started my Walmart list preparing for tomorrow’s trip and had to select a few things several times before I gave up. Maybe I need to log out and log back in??? 

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Re: Selecting offers before shopping

Deal Master


I have never had this happen.   That is bizarre.

  • Check for new versions of the app.
  • Clear Cache
  • Sign out/sign back in.
  • Restart your device

Hope it rights itself.   That would be frustrating.

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Re: Selecting offers before shopping

Deal Master

I can think of two possible reasons for unselected rebates:

1. You select a rebate and within 10 seconds, without you touching anything, the rebate unselects itself.  I have seen this several times, but it usually only happens on that particular rebate.  Luckily, it doesn't happen very often and it is a known issue.

2. It is possible the offer was removed and then added back.  Ibotta can change offers at any time.  Maybe there was a mistake and they were trying to fix it.

In both these cases, if you bought the item and did not get credit, I would open a request and explain the situation.  Include screenshots of the item in the app along with your receipt. It takes about a week to get a response.

Always scan your items in the store before purchasing to make sure the offer is still there.