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Rewards Hunter

Hi All! Thanks for sharing this great money making & money saving app! I was so excited after I received my 1st deal, I told my mom, daughter, friends, everyone that would listen about ibotta! Question came up? My 74 ur old mom wants to join and have acct of her own but she is computer illiterate and uses a Jitterbug web free phone so asked me to set her up an acct on my phone since we do all our shopping together. We both are recently widowed and now do everything together. Can I do that? Log out of my acct, create her one and log in for her on same phone and let her start collecting great deals too? Am SO new and appreciate any help and guidance! Have a great day saving $ everyone!


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Re: Sharing

Deal Master

Technically, Ibotta says you can have two accounts on one device, but I don't recommend it.  Both accounts could be flagged and locked, causing lots of problems.

Instead, I would try loading Ibotta on a tablet or an old phone.  You don't need cell phone service, just wifi.