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Strategy 101 - Prepare a Backup List

Super Saver

Let me start with a confession: I rarely redeem any ibotta offers that don't end up being FREE/MM. But scouting for FAOs and Deal Stacking options are only 2 methods to accomplish that strategically. 

My most effective strategy to accomplish this to prepare a Backup List.

My Backup List consists of items that would be low cost up (albeit not initially FREE/MM) and probably something I would end up sharing/donating. I categorize them: 25-cents or less, 50-cents, less, $1 or less.

Then when I'm trying to meet a bonus goal, I compare the value of the bonus (e.g. $5) to how many more offers I still need (e.g. 3 more items). I then choose 3 items from my Backup List and am able to earn my $5 bonus with a few low-cost items.

It's so easy to make this extra list while perusing the offers....and so handy to reference when I'm about to leave Walmart and realize that if I could snag a few more items/offers, I would actually earn more than if I left them on the shelf. Translation: I hate "leaving money on the shelves." 

Happy ibotta-ing!
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Re: Strategy 101 - Prepare a Backup List

Skilled Saver

Great minds think alike!

Re: Strategy 101 - Prepare a Backup List


Thanks. That's such a great time saver as well.

Re: Strategy 101 - Prepare a Backup List

Super Saver

When I first started, and they didn’t have several items- I wandered around for an hour trying to find 2 more offers and ended up spending too much money on this last 2 items and got frustrated and wasted an hour of my life. 

now, I put my list in department order and then by least oop to least desirable but desperate order. That saves me running back & forth between depts, time and money.