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Re: Target App Integration



I think you’re confused about the purpose of this community.

1) I do not work for Ibotta. 

2) This community is not tech support.

3) If you are respectful and patient, I’m almost positive I can help you resolve your issue.

Would you like to continue to troubleshoot with the understanding that I’m not tech support and I do not work for Ibotta? Please refrain from the negativity. It’s not my fault or my obligation to do anything to help you. 

Re: Target App Integration

Deal Master

@JBeez   tagging @LaraL  who is an administrator - that's your best bet.  



Re: Target App Integration

Ultimate Saver

I wanted to add one complexity that exists for Target linking and unlinking.

As far as I know, the only way to shop Target Online is to link your Target account.  From my experience, when I link Target Online, it also links Target In-store.  When you go to Account/Settings/Linked Accounts, Target will be listed twice.

If you decide to unlink Target in-store, Target Online may or may not unlink.  Same if you unlink Target Online.  My recommendation is to unlink BOTH if you want to go back to submitting receipts to Target in-store.

if you decide to make a purchase at Target Online, you will have to relink Ibotta to Target again.

When I shop Target in-store, I always submit my receipts.  The whole Target link/unlink process is too cumbersome.


Re: Target App Integration

Rewards Whiz

@JBeez when referring to the 1-3 day lag being unreasonable, are you talking about the turnaround time with our support/care team? All I can say is that we're doing what we can to get to all tickets in a reasonable time, and if you feel 1-3 days is unreasonable for us to resolve the issue, then I'm sorry to hear that. If you have an outstanding ticket (beyond 48 hours), feel free to send me the ticket number and I'll try to take a look, but no guarantees. Many things that the care team handles are outside of my abilities. As @Saving4Fun touched on already, this community isn't a support hub, but I will help when and where I can.