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Tips for a beginner?

Rewards Hunter

Any tips for a beginner? Totally confused with app. Think that I have a bonus then load a receipt only to be told that there isn't one on my receipt. 

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Re: Tips for a beginner?

Deal Expert

It's not rocket science don't over think it. Go into the store you want to shop at. At the top it will tell you how to get your rebate scan receipt, link account/card, or both if both you can pick one. If it's a linked store link before you do anything. Click on what you want to buy then go buy it if it's a linked store you do not have to do anything but wait pending time is normally 48 hours buy can take 3-5 days sometimes longer that's with all linked accounts. If it's a scan click on what you want to buy then buy it the scan receipt follow the prompts it tells you exactly what you need to do. Then wait for it to process a few hours to a day. For online purchases like the children's place, home depot etc go into the website from ibotta and do your normal shopping just like if you were to be on the website on a computer do not use any coupons or discount codes because you will not get the rebate they don't double dip that way. When you're done exit out and up to 90 days or whatever the pending time is it will say in the fine print (read the fine print on everything it will tell you exactly what you can get) you'll get the rebate. If you don't get credit for something or it misses something keep your receipt and packaging they will need that info when you put in a ticket. Tickets take a week some longer to get answered because people put in tickets for every little thing they will get back to you and help.

Re: Tips for a beginner?

Deal Expert


Welcome slow pick a retailer, add products to your shopping gallery,  buy products, then redeem receipt. Also check out the videos on YouTube. Read through the different forums.  

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Re: Tips for a beginner?


@Kacienda  My advice would be to go slow and don’t be too hard on yourself if a deal doesn’t work out exactly like you planned. Don’t overload yourself with too many apps at once. It can be confusing and overwhelming. And try to have fun with it. 

Re: Tips for a beginner?


These were all great ideas. I have had the app for years but just recently began using it more often. For some reason this app was really confusing to me at first. I had to watch YouTube videos and chose only two stores at first. I’m use to it now its super easy. I am glad I stuck with it. 

Re: Tips for a beginner?


I'll be very honest with you I found it difficult in the beginning myself and I didn't have anybody to help me figure it out and I abandoned it for about a year. This would be my suggestion, start with your favorite retailer whoever you shop with the most and go through unless it's something you absolutely positively know you're not going to buy without a doubt in the world Mark the offer and then at least for a little while that gives you a little breathing room while you're basically kind of dance and figuring out how it works and then all you have to do is go in every few days and look at new offers and Mark what you need or buy it again. Also one thing that I have found that I really like is on the browser extension. At least don't wear my favorite retailers when I'm shopping through the extension it shows me which one. Take it easy give yourself a break I know from a lot of people it's the reason they abandoned it they couldn't figure it out.