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Upload Shoprite Receipt

Rewards Hunter

Trying to upload a grocery receipt from Shoprite.  I linked my card to IBotta, but never got credit.  Looks like there was an additional step I had to do on the Shoprite site to "opt in to receive digital receipts", so I don't think IBotta is going to give me credit until my online accounts are properly hooked up.    Other stores allow you to upload your reciept, but not Shoprite.

Any ideas?


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Re: Upload Shoprite Receipt

Deal Master

If it has been less than 7 days since you shopped at ShopRite, you can unlink Ibotta from ShopRite and scan your receipt into Ibotta.  ShopRite allows either.

To unlink ShopRite, go to Account, then Settings, then Linked Accounts. Select Disconnect on ShopRite.

Re: Upload Shoprite Receipt

Deal Expert

I never linked shoprite and other linked stores too many problems. You can unlink go to account settings linked then unlink. If you don't want to unlink then you need to go into the shoprite website not the app click on account upper right corner click my account click on profile information s an turn digital receipts on. You will not get a receipt in store just a tiny piece of paper unless you let the cashier know before hand to print you a receipt.