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What happened to Ibotta?

Rewards Hunter

I've been using Ibotta for years and it's was always my most favorite ap. Lately though it's not so good. In fact if I wasn't trying to get the more then $150 I've earned I would just delete the app. Every time I see the commercials on tv my blood boils. 

Instead of trying to bring more people in they need to fix the problems and get a customer service department that actually responds to problems. Ben trying to get in my account for 16 days, it takes 4-6 days every time I email CS for them to answer, 

So growing pains, app failing, or what ever, stop trying to grow and fix the problems. In 5 years I've never seen so many complaints. 

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Re: What happened to Ibotta?

Rewards Hunter

I totally agree.  I notice things are different,

Re: What happened to Ibotta?

Deal Expert

They've been having problems since Friday. Every time you put in a ticket you get put to the bottom of the list and have to wait longer. If you want a faster response send them a facebook message

Re: What happened to Ibotta?


Good tip to post to FB. I’ve been trying to work with them on several issues since May.

The one that I won’t let go is the $45 offer for first time subscribers to Sun Basket. They won’t honor it despite my documentation and confirmation from Sun Basket. When I ask for updates, they punt, say they are waiting to SunBasket to confirm. And they won’t let me speak to anyone at ibotta. I call BS.  

Sun Basket confirmed I purchased at the exact time I said I did. And I took screen shots of the ibotta offer at that time. I hate taking this public but It’s been 5 months and they are stringing me along. What a waste of my time!

Re: What happened to Ibotta?


yeah I'm new to the app and it seems like they do have quite a few of issues with the app I mean I like it but every day you're really actually got to kind of work at it and keep track to make sure that you get your credits

Re: What happened to Ibotta?


I usually get responses within 48-72 hours. Another good thing is that you can go to the receipt in the app and file a ticket there.


Re: What happened to Ibotta?

Rewards Hunter

I agree. Ibotta isn’t even worth the space on my iPhone anymore. There aren’t any good savings. By the time I do buy what I see, when I get home to get my refund it’s no longer available. I’m an iTunes buyer and that’s gone. Publix Grocery store shopper and nothing I normally buy is no longer available. Target shopper… nothing. I believe I will just delete this app. I did earn $193 and then all of a sudden Ibotta became obsolete. It’s not even worth opening the app anymore to shop. It’s not worth it. 

Re: What happened to Ibotta?

Deal Master

This very old conversation may still be relevant, but for different issues.

I know I haven't had the problems many have reported, but it is very difficult to balance growth and stability.

As for lack of good deals, I must disagree.  I shop Walmart, Publix, Walgreens and Target and I get many deals every week.

Remember, Ibotta is a marketing company.  The deals come from manufacturers who want you to try their products, many of them new.  If you aren't willing to try new things, Ibotta may seem useless.  I like trying new things, especially when they are free.