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Withdrawal to PayPal

Rewards Hunter

I’ve been working on my things and do my shopping when I can. I’ve withdrawn many times to my PayPal and now since last night it says “something went wrong and we are looking it to it” but no response. Also, went to use Applebee’s gift card last night and it wouldn’t even show but messages would show to use but says not available.  I purchase many gift cards and never came across this problem. Can anyone give me advice?

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Re: Withdrawal to PayPal

Skilled Saver

@Celine Open a care ticket. Based on other threads I’ve read, they updated some fraud software and are doing extra validation steps. In my opinion that message should say something else. 

I don’t do PayPal, but even for me if I try to withdraw for a gift card from my tablet it no longer allows it by giving me the something went wrong message, if I switch the the phone it goes through.