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2 new Muscle Milk double plays - I HOPE! - & 2-DUBS

Deal Expert




I've completed at least 3-4 Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's for Muscle Milk Zero since the past summer; today I had 2 new Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's for Muscle Milk Genuine & Pro Series.  After scanning my receipt I was incorrectly credited for purchasing TWO EACH of 2 different varieties of Muscle Milk & I quickly disclaimed what I was incorrectly credited for.

in the meantime Kroger dropped the ball on my cash back claim for Muscle Milk Genuine, so of course I jumped on chili about it; they'll probably give me $2-$5 in courtesy credit in 2 weeks to a month 

interestingly enough, Ibotta credited me with purchasing 1 Muscle Milk Zero instead of Pro Series and still left me with credit for purchasing TWO Genuines