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2 small new Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky's

Deal Expert



After completing 8 offers on 2 separate tenders I'm now just ONE OFFER AWAY from my Lunch Money bonus 

I'm also expecting matching Kroger cash back by tomorrow for Snickers (a quarter) and Kind energy bars. I WIIIIISH Kroger would have offered 30-55¢ APIECE for the Kind energy bars but hey, a $1.50 total cash back from Ibotta and Kroger for 3 Kind energy bars ain't exactly slouchy 

After having to correct my receipt with Fetch Rewards for not crediting me with 250 points for the 2 Kind energy bars special offer then NOT GETTING the points I expected, which necessitated jumping on chili with customer service with photo of the receipt I FINALLY got what I was counting on getting, 250 points, or essentially a quarter. With the Kind energy bars $1.50 apiece at Kroger for a total spend of $4.50 after having to buy 3 to get 75¢ from Ibotta, 2 to get another 75¢ from Kroger cash back and 275 points (essentially 28¢) from Fetch Rewards, I'll ultimately end up with a new or 2nd time $1.78 Fetch Rewards-Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky